Gallery One: "The Pin-ups"

Please click on images below for enlargements, as well as more information on each piece.

"Prelude to Goodbye"

"Portrait of Michael"

"Vernal Equinox"





"Timeless II"

"Sunlit Torso"

"Statuesque II"

"Reclining Torso"



"Aidan's Room"





"Eric Daniel"

"Torso Study"

"Sun Catcher"



"Denim Overalls"



"Gray Flannel"

"Beauty of Form"

"The Bandana"



"The Morning After"

"Les Coussins"


"One Fine A"
Sold out


"The Leather Cuff"

"Definition II"


"Levi's II"

"Blue Denim"
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Sold out

Sold out

"Throw in the Towel"



"Silk Sheets"

"Levi 550's"

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