Gallery Five: "Portraits "

Please click on images below for enlargements, as well as more information on each piece.
"The Gay Icon Portraits"

"Joan Crawford (II)"

"Bette Davis"

"Judy Garland"

"Marilyn Monroe"

"Elizabeth Taylor"

"Barbra Streisand"

"Diana Ross"

"Bette Midler"

"Liza Minnelli"



"Lady Gaga"

The Brothers Salvatore
{The Vampire Diaries}


"Brotherly Love"


Miscellaneous Portraits


"Brother Boy"

"Joan Rivers"

"Liz Taylor (II)"

"Dr. Frank~N~Furter"

"Quentin Crisp"


"Angel of Waters"

"Andrej Pejic"

"Mrs. Gerald Hayden"

"Midnight Blue"


"Maggie Smith"


"Black or White?"

"Hope and Pride"

"Joan Crawford"


"The Joker"





"In the Eye
of the Beholder"

"Wishful Thinking"

"The Commitment"

"Nicole Kidman:


"Diana in Gold"

"Bette Davis"

"Frank Sinatra"

"Golden Locks"


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