Gallery Three: "Miscellaneous Nudes"

Please click on images below for enlargements, as well as more information on each piece.



"Blue Knight"

"Indigo Repose"

"Sweet Jesus"

"Kindred Spirits"


"Viola Seta"

"Expose yourself to Art" Series


"Let Them Eat Cake"

"Pumped Up"

"Boy with Girl
with Pearl Earring"

"Victoria & Albert"

"Adam and Steve"

"A Bit Far-Fetched"

"Window Dressing"


"Memory of a
Season Past"


"A Midsummer Night's

...just a few 'pen & ink' drawings...


"Cinque Uomini Nudi"

"Solitary Man"

"Strength and Grace"

"The Venetian Chair"

"Pride and Strength"


"Gemini II"





"Weekend in the Woods"

"Narcissus Redux"


"Sphere's II"

"Sphere's III"

"Dante and Virgil"

"A matter of Size"

"A Casual Demeanor"

"Christopher @ Dusk"
Sold Out

"Edinburgh Breeze"

"Sunday in the Park"


"Welcome to San Francisco"

"Ignudo II"

"Ignudo III"

"Ignudo IV"

"Ignudo V"

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